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Dvar Torah

Parashat Lech Lecha introduces us to the early career of Avraham Avinu. The story is striking in its abruptness: we are not told anything about Avraham's background, philosophies, or ideals, nor about the divine mission which he has assumed.  We are introduced to Avraham as if we know him already and are fully aware of his mission.  


Click HERE to read the Dvar's in its entirety.

Where Are They Now

Upcoming Events

Sunday, November 2nd

  1. Sunday middle and high school boys davening and learning

Monday, November 3rd

  1. 4pm Dismissal No Extended Day
  2. Cancelled k/1 Ivrit Club
  3. cancelled Girls Chabura Grade 4-8
  4. Mock Trial BHS Meeting @ JCC
  5. Parent-teacher conferences K-12: 5:30pm - 8:00pm
  6. Mishmar - BHS

Tuesday, November 4th

  1. ECC Parent Teacher Conferences
  2. In service for teachers of K-12
  3. No Sessions ECC-12
  4. Parent-Teacher Conferences K-12
  5. Mishmar - BHS
  6. Chabura - GHS
  7. BHS JV basketabll practice

Wednesday, November 5th

  1. 4-8 Boys Chess Club
  2. Girls Basketball
  3. Grades 4-8 Chess Club
  4. k-4 Middos Club
  5. GHS Mock Trial meeting @ 4:45pm
  6. Mishmar MSB
  7. Mishmar - BHS

Thursday, November 6th

  1. Arts and Crafts 4-8 girls
  2. Grade 4-8 Intramural Hockey League
  3. BHS JV basketabll practice