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Dvar Torah

At the end of Parashat Bereshitwe are introduced to the main protagonist of this week's Parasha, Noach. The name Noach means rest or tranquility.  The verse tells us that Noach was given this name because, "This one will bring us rest from our work and from the toil of our hands" (Bereshit 5:28). Rashi, based on Medrash, explains that Noach was given this name because in his lifetime the world saw advances in farming technology that freed men from their toil in the field. With better plows, irrigation, and other farming techniques, the world was brought a reprieve from their burden of working the land.
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Where Are They Now

Upcoming Events

Sunday, October 26th

  1. Sunday middle and high school boys davening and learning

Monday, October 27th

  1. Girls Chabura Grade 4-6
  2. Mishna Club 4/5 boys
  3. k/1 Ivrit Club
  4. Mishmar - BHS

Tuesday, October 28th

  1. Grades 1-3 Sports Club
  2. k/1 Ballet Club
  3. Grade 4-8 Intramural Hockey League Begins
  4. Mishmar MSB
  5. Mishmar - BHS
  6. Chabura - GHS
  7. BHS JV basketabll practice

Wednesday, October 29th

  1. 4-8 Boys Chess Club
  2. Girls Basketball
  3. Grades 4-8 Chess Club
  4. k-4 Middos Club
  5. Mishmar MSB
  6. Mishmar - BHS

Thursday, October 30th

  1. Arts and Crafts 4-8 girls
  2. Arts and Crafts 4-8 girls