Avi Siebzener '01

Q: Hi Avi, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. When did you attend Hillel Academy?
A: 1989 to 2001 
Q: Share a favorite memory or two with our readers? 
A: Watching Mr. Sarkany and Rabbi Eisen playing chess, color war (during Rabbi Pliner's tenure), using an ancient apple PC in Mr. Golombek's class because I broke my writing arm on the ice slide in the old parking lot.

Q: What was your favorite Mesivta meal?
A: Teeny weeny, eeny, beany casserole.
Q: How did we play football/sports on a "halfpipe" of a
A: We played sports cause we were boys and that's all we had to work with. To me I always looked at it as two options:
up hill and down. Clearly downhill had the advantage.
Q: Steelers prediction? 
A: Steelers Superbowl Champs every year. There's no one we can't beat on paper.
Q: What organizations are you currently involved in?
A: Steeler Nation.
That's a great answer!
Q: How do you earn a living?
A: IT contractor.
Q: Care to elaborate?
A: My job is fairly fluid; every few months I'm doing a different project for a different company. Right now, I'm working for Northern Trust Bank automating their code release deployments. I'm a flexible code monkey. I go somewhere, learn something new and help them improve it based on research and creativity.
Q: How did Hillel Academy prepare you for this?
A: I learned all of my problem-solving and math skills at Hillel which is the basis of my profession. 
Q: Share some info about your family.
A: I have been married for six years to Chava Sara from St. Louis.(Interesting fact, her dad was offered Rabbi Weingot's job and could have been my principal for my senior year but he declined). Our children, Nadav two years old and our newborn twins are a month old, Ari and Eemunah.
Q: What do you do in your free time?
A: Of which there is none, but I organize a roller hockey game on Saturday nights.
Q: Hillel Trivia - How many parking spaces in the lot?
A: According to Google Maps it looks like 12. but with Pittsburgh drivers I'm sure you could squeeze 47 in there.
Great point! I love how each interviewee has a different answer to seemingly a black and white question.
Q: Who was your first Hillel teacher? 
A: Morah Gross
Q: What was your favorite class?
A: Math
Q: Who is the most interesting person in your contacts?
A: Elan Sokol

Q: Share something with our students you wish someone had told you when you were in school? 
A: Pay attention and do well now so you can have what you want later. 2. Invest your allowance.
Q: Did you have a favorite teacher? Who was it and why? 
A: Ms. Oz. I still remember many of the things we had to memorize today such as the helping
verbs, and state capitals.
Q: Do you remember Rabbi Weingot's favorite phrases?
A: Excuse me? And no rishush!
Exactly, what I was thinking.  A few weeks ago, the featured alum could not remember.  I also remember, "Hello, Glenda, Weingot!"
Q: Lastly, is there any consolation for not living in the City of Champions?
A: Only consolation of not living in the burgh is Romanian deli every Shabbos.

Thanks for your time. Have a Shabbat Shalom and we would love to have you back for a tour sometime!