Dr. Lee Weinberg '68

Hi Dr. Weinberg, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. When did you attend Hillel Academy?

In middle school and high school.  I graduated high school in 1968, 46 years ago...that's pretty scary.


What's your fondest memory  of Hillel Academy? The good times and lifelong friends that I made at Hillel.


What was your favorite subject? Biology with Mr Tomko.


What's it like to have a famous son? Famous? I'm proud of what Rabbi Weinberg is trying to accomplish at Hillel.  Hopefully his positive energy will be channeled into an exciting Jewish and educational experience for the students, and Hillel will continue to grow. But famous....Really?


In your wildest dream did you ever think your son would be the principal of Hillel Academy? Like one of his former Rebbeim told me,"Hashem does have a sense of humor."



Do you ever offer Rabbi Weinberg advice on running the school? No. Based on the job I did as President, I think Rabbi Weinberg will do fine without my help.



Do you keep in touch with your classmates? Yes. We had a small class and are still in close contact.


You are a gastroenterologist for UMPC. Tell us about your position. I'm a clinical gastroenterologist  at Shadyside, and I have the usual GI job description. I see patients in consultation and perform diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures.


Can you offer some advice to our students? Take advantage of the tremendous opportunity and privilege you have at Hillel to master tools in both secular and Jewish studies that will prepare you for future growth as a Torah observant Jew in whatever profession you choose.


How did Hillel prepare you for life? By giving me a strong education, and more importantly, by instilling in me a love of Torah and its values that provide the matrix to navigate in the secular world.


There is a new Jake Weinberg in town. When he starts to walk, what is the first place you are going to take him? If he's anything like his father or his namesake, his great-grandfather, Jake will decide for himself where he's going to walk.


What's your favorite Hillel event to attend? The alumni basketball game.


Thank you for your time!