Yossel Silver '01

When did you attend Hillel? From 1994 (I think) till 2001.


Yossel in science class.

Please share your favorite memory with us.  Rabbi Pliner's warmth, especially the care he showed each and every one of us.


What are you doing now? I learn Torah at BMG in Lakewood, NJ.


How did Hillel prepare you for life? I credit Rabbi Pliner for helping me to develop into the person who I am. And Rabbis Loebenstein and Rosenberg for preparing me for learning Torah on the level that I do now.


Share with us a special family minhag or two. We learn one halacha about Shabbos by each of the three Shabbos meals.


What's your favorite family activity? Dancing!



Basya Rochel (turning 4 right after Shavuos) Dovid Yehoshua (turning 3 right after Shavuos) and baby Reuvain Ezriel (2.5 months).


What is the secret for staying up all night learning on Shavous? If you are EXCITED about learning, the whole night just flies by without you even noticing. The key is to pick something you REALLY enjoy (and a stimulating chevrusa also helps).


What is your favorite topic of learning? I have many, many, many favorites, it really would be impossible to choose only one. Right now in Yeshiva we are learning Eiruvin in the morning and Basar B'chalav in the afternoon and I LOVE them both!