Jesse Mendelson '81-'91


Over  the summer, we were in contact with Jesse Mendelson.  He attended Hillel in the '80s. Jesse would rather attend a Steelers game than a Pirates game. He credits Hillel's "very solid, well-rounded education" to preparing him for the future.  To find out more, check out the interview below. Enjoy! If you are an alumnus, or know one whom we can interview,  please send Dan Shaw an email at [email protected] You can also always call the main office at 412.521.8131 as well.


When did you attend Hillel Academy? Nursery through 8th-grade (1981-1991).


Share a favorite memory or two with our readers? There really are so many - everything from Morah Butler in Nursery to Rabbi Brodie's Mincha Modification Probation Program in 7th and 8th grade. Going to Old Bedford Village was also a highlight.


What organizations are you currently involved in? Mainly my shul and kids' school - Congregation Beth Sholom in Potomac, MD and the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Rockville, MD.


How do you earn a living? I am a healthcare business consultant at Avalere Health in Washington DC (no, I am not related to the CEO for those of you who will Google it). I am responsible for building, selling, and managing business tools that companies find valuable.


How did Hillel Academy prepare you for the future? I received a very solid, well-rounded education from Hillel. It certainly set me up well to attend high school, yeshiva in Israel, and college. And teachers like Morah Chana, Rabbi Brodie, and Rabbi Rosenberg really cared about us.


Share some info about your family. My wife Elana and I have been married for 11 years and have three wonderful, fun, curious, busy little boys - Zev (7), Jonah (5), Gabriel (2.5). Elana is an interior architect and designer, and makes barrettes and hair ties on the side.


What do you do in your free time? What is this "free time" of which you speak?


Hillel Trivia - How many students are currently enrolled in infants -12th grade? 240 (Editor's note: last week the answer was 343, Baruch Hashem we are now at 345)!


What was your favorite class? For very different reasons, it's a 3-way tie - Mr. Snodgrass's 8th-grade science class; Rabbi Rosenberg's 8th-grade Gemara class, and Ms. Gerber's 5th grade general studies class.


Did you have a favorite teacher? Who was it and why? Morah Chana. It seems like I had her every single year I was at Hillel, and I never met anyone who cared more for her students than she did.


Buccos or Steelers? Stillers, no daht.

Most interesting person in your contacts? Tristan Cockcroft (for those of you who play fantasy sports); Binyamin Appelbaum (for those of you who don't).