Elementary Navi Curriculum

The Navi curriculum begins in fourth grade and introduces students to the great nevi’im in our history as they learn of the events of Jewish history from the time of Yehoshua through Achav. The unique lessons that can be learned from Yehoshua, Shoftim, Shmuel Alef, Shmuel Bes and Melachim Alef are explored through study of the texts. Emphasis is placed on discovering how the events and lessons from these sifrei Tanach are relevant to us today.

Fourth Grade

Students learn Sefer Yehoshua, which describes the Jewish nation’s entrance into Eretz Yisroel after slavery and the desert. Suddenly they are presented with new challenges which they have to live up to. In many cases, they are victorious -- however, sometimes individuals cause major setbacks to Bnai Yisroel as a whole. While vocabulary and skill building play an important role in this course, the middos lessons of the Navi are powerful and will be discussed in depth.

Fifth Grade

Students learn Sefer Shoftim, which details the settlement of Israel after the death of Yehoshua and focuses on the era when the Jewish people were guided, not by a national king, but by individual leaders called Shoftim. The lack of a central authority led to a cycle of sinning, punishment by enemies and salvation by the judge. The stories of the judges overcoming both external and internal enemies are memorable and helps students understand the overarching moral lesson - in your own land, where things are comfortable, it is sometimes easy to forget Hashem and become acculturated into outside society, which inevitably leads to dire consequences. In addition to the stories and moral lessons, students will learn the names and characteristics of the shoftim and the geography and history of ancient Israel.

Sixth Grade

This course focuses on the study of Shmuel Alef. It begins with the birth of Shmuel HaNavi, known as the “Master of the Prophets,” and ends with the death of Shaul, the first King of Bnai Yisrael. Key concepts include defining prophecy, why only certain prophecies were recorded,  the power of Tefilla, and Bnai Yisrael’s desire to conform to the surrounding nations. Students will also develop an understanding of the role of a Jewish King, the role of the Aron in times of peace and war, the struggles with Amalek (then and now), and the relationship of Dovid and Yonasan as a paradigm of true friendship.