Staff & Faculty Directory

Mrs. Rivky Abraham7-12 Girls Judaic Studies[email protected]
Mrs. Jessie AcknerTiny Tots[email protected]
Mrs. Leah Ackner2 yr old[email protected]
Ms. Kimberly Adams2nd Grade General Studies[email protected]
Rabbi Elisar Admon7-12 Judaic Studies[email protected]
Mrs. Tovi Admon2nd Grade Judaic Studies[email protected]
Mrs. Melissa AndersonEarly Childhood[email protected]
Mrs. Risa AngeloTiny Tots[email protected]
Mrs. Selma AronsonExecutive Administrator to the CEO[email protected]
Mrs. Kelly BelliniArt Teacher, K-12[email protected]
Rabbi Shlomo Berelowitz6-12 Boys Judaic Studies[email protected]
Mrs. Chaya Berelowitz4th Grade General Studies[email protected]
Ms. Rivky BlumbergerPre-K[email protected]
Rabbi Ahron BrodieJudaic Support[email protected]
Ms. Julie BrookePre-K[email protected]
Mr. Mordy BrownChef[email protected]
Mrs. Elaine CatzECC Science[email protected]
Mrs. Faigy Chapley3rd Grade General Studies[email protected]
Ms. Chyna CyrusInfants[email protected]
Ms. Kim DavidsonSupport Services[email protected]
Mr. Keith DavisGym[email protected]
Ms. Hannah Dorsey1st Grade Judaic Studies[email protected]
Mrs. Katie ErskineGeneral Studies Support[email protected]
Mrs. Miriam FabianKindergarten Judaic Studies[email protected]
Mrs. Susan FinderHigh School English[email protected]
Ms. Laura FocaretaKindergarten General Studies[email protected]
Mrs. Ilana FriedmanPre-K[email protected]
Ms. Morgan Friedman1st Grade General Studies[email protected]
Mrs. Tamar GansPre-K[email protected]
Mr. Donald GarwoodScience[email protected]
Ms. Hadar GlazerOlder Infants[email protected]
Mrs. Karen GlazerPre-K[email protected]
Ms. Kirsten GroceNursery[email protected]
Rabbi Akiva Grossberg5-12 Boys Judaic Studies[email protected]
Mrs. Mimi Grossberg6-9 Girls Judaic Studies[email protected]
Mrs. Belle GutmanInfants[email protected]
Mrs. Deb Oz-Halbritter5th Grade General Studies[email protected]
Mrs. Sarah HartmanFinance Manager[email protected]
Mrs. Becca HuffSTEM Coordinator[email protected]
Mrs. Shelly Itskowitz4-6 Girls Judaic Studies[email protected]
Ms. Janais JacksonTiny Toddlers[email protected]
Mrs. Elana Katz5-12 Girls Judaics[email protected]
Mrs. Devorah KohanbashNursery[email protected]
Mr. Daniel KrautChief Executive Officer[email protected]
Mrs. Elky LangerK-4 Assistant Principal[email protected]
Mrs. Yikara Levari5-12 Girls Assistant Principal[email protected]
Rabbi Oren Levy4th Grade Judaic Studies, K-4 Assistant Principal[email protected]
Ms. Sara London6-12 Language Arts[email protected]
Ms. Heather MalletNursery[email protected]
Mrs. Gladys MargolisPre-K[email protected]
Mrs. Erin McDougall8-12 Math[email protected]
Ms. Daja McGuireInfant[email protected]
Ms. "Mia" Meepegama9-12 Science[email protected]
Mrs. Barbara Milch5-12 Ivrit[email protected]
Mrs. Leah Milch5-12 Girls Judaic Studies[email protected]
Ms. Erin MorganBehavior Specialist, K-6[email protected]
Ms. Bonnie MorrisLibrarian[email protected]
Mrs. Micki Myers7-12 English[email protected]
Mrs. Lauren NoorparvarSupport Services[email protected]
Mrs. Marcel Ohayon5-12 Ivrit[email protected]
Mrs Dori OshlagKindergarten General Studies[email protected]
Ms. Melanie PavlikOlder Infants[email protected]
Ms. Tonja PayneToddler[email protected]
Mrs. Chana PfefferKindergarten Judaic Studies[email protected]
Mrs. Ruth Phillips4th Grade General Studies[email protected]
Mr. Yehuda Plotkin1st grade Judaic Studies[email protected]
Ms. Ruth PohulyECC Director[email protected]
Mr. Shua RinglerTiny Toddlers[email protected]
Mr. Jason Roth7-12 Math[email protected]
Ms. Nichole Scarlett7-12 Math[email protected]
Rabbi Shragi SenftBoys Judaic Studies[email protected]
Mrs. Leah SenftJudaic Studies Support[email protected]
Rabbi Yisroel Smith5-12 Boys Assistant Principal[email protected]
Ms. Maura Spodek1st Grade[email protected]
Mrs. Kira SunshineDirector of Admissions[email protected]
Rabbi Akiva SutofskySchool Counselor, High School Judaics[email protected]
Mr. Ryan Sutton7-12 History[email protected]
Mrs. Sally ThornePre-K[email protected]
Rabbi Meshulam Twersky7-12 Judaics Studies[email protected]
Mrs. Barbara Uebing2nd Grade General Studies[email protected]
Rabbi Sam WeinbergPrincipal & Education Director[email protected]
Mrs. Sarah Leah Weisswasser4th Grade Judaic Studies[email protected]
Rabbi Avrohom Weisswasser5th Grade Judaics[email protected]
Mr. Steve WerberFull Time Subsitute[email protected]
Ms. Kennadee WilliamsToddlers[email protected]
Ms. Jasmine WilliamsTiny Toddlers[email protected]
Mrs. Sonja Wimer7-12 History[email protected]
Mrs. Anne YolkutJudaic Studies Support[email protected]
Mrs. Ella ZiffDirector of Support Services, K-12[email protected]
Rabbi Yosef Zuckerbrod3rd Grade Judaic Studies[email protected]